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CBD edibles are a delicious way of getting your daily dose of CBD, and they also provide a unique CBD experience, thanks to how the body absorbs the cannabinoids. When CBD is taken in an edible, it takes longer to reach the bloodstream, but this means the compounds are absorbed at a more gradual rate, which makes the overall effects last much longer.

This slowly but surely approach works a treat for illnesses typified by chronic symptoms. This is because the CBD remains active for several hours, without you needing to take a second dose, as is often the case with e-liquids and tincture oils.

Nearly all the big brands in the legal, hemp-based CBD scene manufacture edible products. We’ve selected five high-quality products to discuss in this post.

CBD Genesis Gummies

These gummy bears consist of a CBD-isolate extract and therefore have no THC. This is helpful if you may get drug-tested at work, as regular high doses of full-spectrum CBD could theoretically cause enough THC to accumulate in the blood, and lead to a failed test.

Genesis gummies come in two main types: tubs with 500mg of CBD, split into 20 servings of 25mg, and tubs with 1000mg of CBD, divided into 20 servings of 50mg.

Relax CBD Gummies from Diamond CBD

Diamond CBD has a reputation for producing premium CBD products, and their high-strength Relax line is no exception. All your favorite gummies are part of the Relax selection, including Watermelon Slices, Rainbow Bites, and Gummy Worms. Relax CBD Gummies are classed as ‘extreme strength’, although they aren’t as potent as some edibles on the market. These edibles are also made with a CBD-isolate extract.

Jolly Green Oil Party Pack

This Party Pack is awesome for sharing, and equally enjoyable if savoring them all for yourself. Each pack comes with 20 edibles infused with 50mg of CBD apiece, which adds up to 1000mg in all. Jolly Green Oil uses a CBD-isolate extract in these edibles. Going with the Party Pack theme, these strong edibles may be effective at reducing anxiety, and therefore nice, non-intoxicating treats to offer guests at social gatherings.

Heady Harvest CBD Gummies

Heady Harvest has a huge collection of CBD edibles, with regular bears and sour bears, and strengths of 200mg, 500mg, and 1000mg. With 20 gummies to a pack, this works out to 10mg, 25mg, and 50mg per gummy, so every CBD user can find their ideal dose. As a general rule, small doses of CBD are stimulating, especially mentally, while higher doses have a sedative effect, which is popular for tackling stress, anxiety, pain and more.

ECOShot CBD Drink

While not technically an edible, CBD drinks have exactly the same effect as the cannabinoids are consumed orally. The ECOShot from CBD Drip is infused with 25mg of CBD, and a myriad of other natural and therapeutic ingredients. They make an energizing beverage that’s great for mental clarity and focus, and also a relaxation drink that is perfect for winding down within the evening.


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