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Cannabis oil is a booming new market lately. The term is often used interchangeably with “hemp oil,” and it’s often used to refer to oils that are infused with cannabis, but aren’t exactly cannabis oil, so if you’re having trouble keeping track of what’s what, we don’t blame you. Here’s what you need to know:

We Have Legalization To Thank For The Booming New Industry

We’ve always had weed, but the legalization of marijuana in California and other states has created a whole new market for cannabis-based products. While marijuana was totally prohibited, creating cannabis oil in sufficient volume was very difficult to do in your living room, and the typical buyer was just going to look confused when you offered them some. Legalization means that you can now produce the oil in a clean, well-stocked professional setting. It’s the difference between moonshine and a nice scotch whiskey.

What Is CBD?

Cannabis’ active ingredients are THC and CBD, with “terpenes” being the part that lends it flavor and odor. As with all areas of brain chemistry, a lot of the science is still up for debate, but it basically comes down to this: THC seems to have a more psychological effect, while CBD has a more physical effect, seeming to get the body producing more endocannabinoids, which can reduce inflammation, anxiety and pain. To put it simply: CBD is the part that makes you feel better, and THC is the part that gets you high. CBD oil is typically not going to contain any THC, but a product advertised as “cannabis oil” might.

What’s It Good For?

Cannabis oil has about as many uses as any other natural oil. One of the most obvious uses is as an additive. If you’re dealing with arthritis, you may find that a drop or two of CBD oil in your coffee helps to ease the pain. CBD oil on its own won’t give you a “buzz,” but it can offer many of the benefits of marijuana without the high. You can make vapes out of CBD oil and use it to help you quit smoking, as it reduces anxiety without the use of any addictive chemicals.

Maybe the most exciting use for cannabis oil is in the culinary world, where innovative chefs like Andrea Drummer at Lowell Farms’ Cannabis Cafe are creating bold new menus of cannabis-based foods. With the legalization of marijuana, whole new worlds of culinary possibility have been opened up. Now we can finally see what happens when you take a highly trained chef and give them some cannabis to play with. The Lowell Farms Cafe uses a sustainable, organic, eco-friendly approach to growing the cannabis, and an innovative, inventive approach to incorporating it in food and products, like the Cold Pressed Live Rosin Sauce disposable vape pen.

Lowell Cafe is the first legal cannabis cafe in the US. There have been plenty of dispensaries, bakeries, pharmacies that happen to sell a few CBD products, but there hasn’t actually been a real cannabis restaurant yet. Cannabis oil is taking off in a big way right now, and it will be bold new companies like Lowell Farms that set the trends going forth.


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