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KING’s Pipe Online Headshop

According to research done by Wells Fargo, there were between 6000 and 7,000 vaping stores in 2014 across the US. As the consumption of cannabis products is slowly gaining a lot of popularity due to its legalization in many states, this number is expected to go up. If you are planning to visit the US or have been there and don’t know where to get the best cannabis, read on. You will get a list of the best online headshops, and their products to boot. Without wasting time, let’s look at some of the certified online head shops in the US.

Brothers With Glass

Are you looking for an online head shop with flexible policies? The Brothers With Glass got you covered. Many online headshops use exaggerated images to woo clients which turn out to be a fad. This is not the case with Brothers With Glass. If you don’t get the feeling you expected from the product, this shop allows you to return it in exchange for a better one. This online smoke shop stocks with a variety of products that you can order online. If you place an order above $100, Brothers With Glass will give you a free shipping offer. This online headshop will not only save your time and money but will also guarantee you of super quality.

Native Roots

Native Roots is a Colorado-based online smoke shop that offers a wide variety of cannabis-based products. The company has widespread stores in big urban centers such as the Front Range and High Country. You can try out big brands such as Griz Kush and the Dream from Native Roots. The store offers one of the high-quality weed in the whole of the Colorado region. If you are looking for an infused cookie or raw weed, visit their stores or order online from their website.

Smoking Tattoos

Forget about the tattoos. Let’s talk about the Smoking Tattoos store, a smoke shop based in the New York State. This store offers a wide range of cannabis products that you might miss in the larger area of NYC. You can get a wide variety of products such as CBD oils, cannabis-infused candies, and cookies. You also get assorted weed at a fair price.  If you have a thing for tattoos and piercing, get them done while you get some puffs of your favorite brand. You can also order your favorite brand of weed online and have it within a short time. Smoking Tattoos has pulled customers from other nationalities and states who come to try out this high-grade weed.

Oregon’s Finest Cannabis

If you have been to Portland before, you must have noticed how cheeky the residents get, especially when they meet a stranger. Don’t confuse this for excessive smoking of some high-grade weed. In fact, recreational weed in Oregon State was only legalized in 2016. After the announcement, Oregon’s Finest Cannabis seized this opportunity to set up one of the biggest online headshops. It stocks a wide variety of paraphernalia which you can order online. If you visit the shop, you will be given the opportunity to choose your preferred quality and tantalizing cheese to boot. The headshop is built at the coast thus you can get a glimpse of its beautiful shores as waves sweep through the beaches.

KING’s Pipe Online Headshop

Are you a king when it comes to consumption of weed and its paraphernalia? Welcome to the den of like kings, the KING’s Pipe at KINGS-PIPE.COM. This online headshop which is based in Southern California opened its doors to serve the US and Canada residents. Since then, elated consumers stream to this online headshop to get high-quality weed bongs at affordable prices. Just to give you a taste of what this store stocks, they carry water bongs, vaporizers, bubblers, water pipes, recycles, glass pipes and many more. In a nutshell, this is “the spot” for all weed consumers. This online headshop has its own product line called KING’s Pipe Glass and makes handblown high-quality water bongs and dab rigs at affordable prices. They offer free shipping in the U.S. and free return, without any restocking fees. Therefore, it’s really easy for customers to shop.  

Long Trail Glass

This online headshop first opened doors in 2013 to serve the Colorado population. Its products include e-cigarettes and other cannabis-infused products such as cookies and tincture. You can place an order on their websites and have it delivered within hours. This smoke shop orders high concentrated weed products, unlike marijuana dispensaries which sell diluted products. The shop uses sophisticated technology and qualified staff to supply its clients. Their customer page is very friendly, which is another reason for the surge in its customer base. Visit their website page to get more information concerning the wide range of products. If you are new to Colorado, don’t fail to try the Long Trail Glass products. There are high chances that you will become a return customer. 

Aqua Lab Technologies

This is a California based online headshop offering the best cannabis paraphernalia. It is one of the biggest stores that offer the best quality to its clients. Aqua Lab Technologies is also trendy, offering the newest products in the market. Whether you are a great user of rolling papers or even grinders, this is the one stop for all your needs. Some of the trendy brands in this online headshop include Roor Tech Glass, Educated Titanium and Hitman Glass. The company has gained a lot of positive reviews due to its superb delivery system and a large collection of products. By accepting various forms of payment, Aqua Lab Technologies is set to stay ahead of its competitors for the future.

Dank Stop Online Smoke Shop

This is the last choice from our bucket list of best online headshops. Dank Stop boasts of a wide range of offers that its competitors can only imagine of; vaporizers, glass and glass accessories. The online headshop gives a lot of priority to its customers. they promise and keep their promise as far as keeping secrets is concerned. They keep the profiles of their customers under cover unless the customers propose otherwise. The biggest win for this online headshop is that it offers free shipping across the US! 

Bottom line

The list above represents the face of the online headshops in the US. The companies listed above have gained popularity due to the high-quality products and professional delivery. Individual reviews and those posted on the shops’ websites are the exemplifications of professionalism. Competitive online headshops are expected to follow suit and improve on service delivery. However, they will need to do a lot of marketing to get the attention of prospects. Meanwhile, get your preferred package of weed from the listed online headshops. 

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