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Cheech Marin

You might know him as Cheech Marin, but the names are Richard Anthony Marin. We all have our short forms of our names and this is not different either. We will refer to him as Cheech in this article for ease of reference. Cheech is definitely one of the most recognizable latinos when it comes to the film industry. The actor has played many roles that have propelled him to stardom. On overall, Cheech is an actor, comedian, voice actor, activist, and writer. With all these titles, you should see why more people would be interested in his work.

Below, we get to look at some Cheech Marin facts you probably did not know.

  • He grew up in south LA. This is where he got most of his ideas and skits to perform during his movie career. You get that films such as Born in East L.A. were as a result of his life in the south also.
  • The nickname Cheech must have got you wondering, where would it have come from? Well, the good news is that it came from fried pork. That is what his uncle used to call him and it seems that the name stuck. Well, it is not so bad as you can see that he fully embraces it.
  • As a voice actor, Cheech has managed to grace many movies especially the Disney animated films. This includes providing the voice for the hyena in the Lion King movie. He has even worked as a voice actor in movies such as Cars and even recently Coco.
  • Cheech is a man of many talents as he is also a veteran writer and author. He recently published his autobiography to help people know more about him. The best part is that he has also works on pieces for several magazines.
  • In 2007, the Otis College of Art and Design in LA awarded Cheech with an Honorary Doctorate degree. This must be a way of thanking him for his work and they are generally a big fan of Marin.
  • Cheech is also known to own quite an exclusive art work collection. It is the private collection of the Chicano art in the US. For people who understand art, they know how art can be a great investment for anyone.
  • Other than being just an actor, we have also learnt that Cheech is also an avid golfer. Initially, he disliked the sport. That changed when he started in a film that was about golfing. Other than that, he also enjoys archery. He practices archery on a special course that is built in his home.
  • Cheech is also known for writing some good music. Cheech does have two top selling children music albums. As you can see, there is so much to enjoy about the guy.

From the information above, you can see that Cheech Marin has been an inspiration to many. You will like the movies he has worked on and also the standup comedies he has also put out.

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