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Methods for Marijuana Drying

Just because you have harvested marijuana it does not mean that your job is already done.  There is quite a process until you can relax knowing that you have done your job well. This is where the process of drying and curing comes in. So, what is curing? This is where you dry the buds slowly in a controlled environment for a couple of weeks, this will keep the quality of CBD and THC in our buds.  The drying process will take long or short depending on the method that you choose to use.

So, why would you dry and cure the buds once you harvest them? First of all, curing is seen to help with increasing the potency levels. As a result, you will be able to enjoy having a good time using the curing methods knowing that your marijuana potency will increase. The drying process is also good for reaching deep and expose the flavors that you might not have noticed about the strain. Generally, you will end up with better weed than before.

What are some of the top methods for drying marijuana? That is what we get to look at below so that you can make a choice about which one being the best.

Air drying

You can say that air drying is the most common method used for marijuana drying. You might have been using it all along. With air drying, you find that there is the use of a fan or blower to help with air circulation in the room. The grower will have to hang the weed in an open drawer that can easily be reached by the blown air. Some even use a rope or wire for supporting the marijuana weight that has just been harvested.

Whenever you are hanging weed, make sure that the harvested weed is set at a few inches from each other. The aim is to avoid overcrowding of the weeds and also further promote good air circulation. Also, spacing helps to keep the marijuana from developing mold. As a result, you might want to keep an eye out for the any growth that might occur.

Also, by having the fan and the blower running in the room continuously, you end up circulating more air. This means it also becomes hard for the mold to grow in the hang marijuana produce.

Fast drying

Another method that you are likely to come across is fast drying. In this method, you get to spend less time drying your marijuana produce. For most people, it is going to be the most convenient for them. Well, the consequence is that you end up with weed that has a harsher taste, flavor and smoke. This might not appeal to all people.

With this kind of method, a heater is used to help with raising of the temperature in the drying area. Having the right temperature helps with quick drying. The recommended range is 90 degrees up to an upper of 115 degrees.

The method will have the weed all dried up in just 4 days. This method also makes the weed to retain its green color at the same time giving off a taste of mint.

Oven drying

This is still an option for many to also consider trying. In this method, you get to dry weed using an oven or even a dehydrator. Well, the name of the method gives it away. In most cases, an oven will be used for drying the weed in small quantities. If you have a lot of weed to dry, then the dehydrator might seem like a good option to consider.

The method involves the use of high temperatures. As a result, the grower has to consider checking upon the drying weed just to make they do not end up burning.

Sun drying

Another good option when it comes to drying marijuana is through the use of sun drying. This is where people love to dry their weed out in the open field. Well, since the leaves and the buds also are still attached to the stalk, they will not dry too much. It is worth noting that the taste of sun dried weed and that of oven dried weed are almost the same.

It is not just about drying weed in the field as it also needs some care. Too much exposure to the sun could lead to having less potency. Sensi CBD products are a great exemple of what can come out good dried weed.

From the different methods above, you should now be in a position to pick the best that work for you. With good marijuana drying, you should definitely get to enjoy it.


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