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cbd urinary tract infection

Urinary Tract Infection is when infection occurs on a part of the urinary tract. When the infection affects the lower part the urethra, the bladder and lower urinary tract get affected. As the infection spreads sometimes the uterus and the kidneys also get affected. UTIs are quite difficult to diagnose when the patient is too young or too old.

UTI is common both in men and women. But, women are more frequent victims of it than men because of possessing a small urinary tract which makes it easier for the microbes to reach the bladder. If you don’t know which CBD brand works for you.

The symptoms and risk factors

The symptoms of this disease include:

  • Pain with urination
  • And frequent urination
  • Burning sensation with urination
  • Feeling pressure in the lower abdomen
  • Sometimes bloody urine

If the infection spreads to the kidney then the patient may suffer from flank pain and fever. Sometimes symptoms are enough to make a diagnosis but a urine culture test is the most prominent test to determine if the person is suffering from Urinary tract infections (UTI. The main culprit causing Urinary tract infection is Escherichia coli or E.coli and other fungi and bacteria. A lack of hygiene, female anatomy, diabetes, obesity and sexual intercourse all increase the risk of contracting the infection.

A major cause which is lack of hygiene increases the risk of UTI because E.coli which is usually found in the anus can easily travel and settle into the urinary bladder if a person is not careful while visiting a toilet.

In men UTIs such as Urethritis and cystitis occur as a result of prostate infection or urethral obstruction caused by the prostate/

How  (UTI) are usually treated?

Hygiene is an important factor which decides whether a person will or will not contract UTI. If for some reason this factor is overlooked the person might suffer from the infection. Once diagnosed the most usual treatment plan to combat UTIs is a course of antibiotic. With antibiotics, your doctor may also advise you to drink plenty of water especially fluid such as cranberry juice, ginger tea, and soda. This advice is given to flush out the invading microorganisms fast from your system.

It is always better to take precautionary measures to avoid contracting UTIs rather than to seek treatment. UTI is a very annoying condition that often tends to occur again and again if the patient is not following certain rules to avoid them.


First, always maintain proper cleaning ritual of your anus, vagina, and urethra while using the toilet. Second, avoid wearing clothes that are tight and sticky because they would encourage bacterial growth and third, it will serve you good if you adopt eating healthy food and doing regular exercise.

CBD’s effect on UTIs

Since CBD has come out as a solution to several human conditions scientist also conducted studies on the effect of CBD on UTI. The result came out positive indicating that CBD had a curing effect on UTI as it activates the CB1R which can reduce the pain caused by cystitis.

It was also found through the studies that the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD help in the reduction of inflammation of the urinary tract. It was also proven successful to cut down the frequency of urination. These findings were the result of the studies of researchers like Dale Bjorling and Zun-Yi Wang on mice.

Does this make CBD the cure for UTIs?

UTIs which cause a host of symptoms making life uncomfortable can be easily tackled by CBD. When the urinary tract gets infected our body’s defense system to fight the infection launches chemicals that cause inflammation and pain. CBD being an anti-inflammatory as well as an analgesic agent can reduce both. As a result, it reduces the symptoms of the UTI.

Further,  frequent urination is another big problem while suffering from UTI. This can also cause a lack of sleep and fatigue inhibiting the body’s healing mechanism to fully fight the infection. This problem is also dealt with CBD delivery methods as It cuts off the frequency of urination giving the UTI sufferers a sound sleep giving a chance for the body to have a fast recovery.

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