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cbd oil dosageOf all the natural products currently in fashion, CBD oil certainly deserves special attention. Its consumption can protect us against many health problems and also cure certain diseases. However, you should know which product to choose and how to dose it properly.

For taste, for health

Of course, the dosage of CBD Cannabis oil will depend on the reason that made us reach for this product. If we just want to take CBD oil for health – to provide the body with healthy fatty acids – then we can consume about two tablespoons of CBD oil per day – for example in the form of a salad additive. In a situation where we care about dealing with various health ailments, it will be more convenient to reach for drops. It is then easier to measure the right amount of product and to adjust the effects to change the dose if necessary.

How to start using CBD

At the beginning it is suggested to take 1 mg CBD per day, this amount should be increased twice in the 3rd and 4th week and continue treatment until the symptoms are reduced. Do not eat a drop at a time, but spread it evenly throughout the day. If the symptoms do not subside after 3-4 weeks, increase the number of drops until the desired result is obtained. On the other hand, if the symptoms worsen, the number of drops should be reduced in the same way. Do not forget about the most important one: always check exactly how many drops you have taken giving you a total of 25 mg. With mild discomfort it is better to stay at this maximum dose, although if you exceed it, remember that CBD can not be overdosed. Drops are placed under the tongue and allow them to work for 30 seconds. This is one of the fastest ways to feel the impact of CBD (about 5-20 minutes), because in this way it is the fastest absorbed into the bloodstream. We keep the oil bottle in a dark and cool place. Taking the above-described basic dose of CBD, we get an improvement in general well-being in order to balance the nervous system, improve mental clarity, advanced antioxidant support, as well as protect the body against inflammation.

Serious illness and CBD

But CBD also helps people with epilepsy. Usually, 200-300 mg of CBD is consumed daily for up to four and a half months. Another severe case is Huntington’s disease, a hereditary disease of the central nervous system that causes degeneration of nerve cells in the brain. Its common manifestations are poor motor coordination, limited functions and accidental, uncontrolled movements. By acting on CB1 and CB2 receptors, CBD slows the progression of neurodegeneration in Huntington’s disease. The dosage is then 10 mg CBD per kg body weight, every day for 6 weeks. The equally severe caliber of the disease is multiple sclerosis. According to previous reports, minimizing the symptoms of multiple sclerosis requires a hemp mix containing 2.5-120 mg of THC-CBD combination and consumed daily for 2-15 weeks.

The art of waiting for effects

CBD oil is very effective, but it is not a magic agent. You may have to wait a bit for the effects of its operation. Some people take small doses, and others do not feel any effect even after a large amount. People’s reactions also change depending on the method of oil intake. Determining the right dose and method of taking CBD products may take some time before achieving the desired relief effect. Therefore, be patient. The effects also do not always appear immediately after the start of treatment, and some of them require a longer period of time (especially in people suffering from epilepsy). We always encourage you to consult your doctor in determining the appropriate dosage. The use of CBD preparations may be a complement to more traditional, conventional therapy. The use of oil does not preclude treatment suggested by psychiatrist, oncologist or anesthetist!

Properly used CBD oil can help cure somatic and mental ailments as well as improve the appearance of our skin, hair and nails. It is worth having at home a certain amount of this unique product to enjoy good health!

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