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cbd gummies success stories

Many consumers and patients are using CBD gummies to manage symptoms of various health conditions. Besides that, gummies are deemed as one of most convenient and easiest form of consuming CBD. After all, they look and taste just like the gummy bears you used to enjoy in your childhood.

In this article, we will explore two key scientific studies relating to CBD gummies. We will also sample two real-life stories of people who have successfully used CBD gummies to manage their conditions.

Real life stories about CBD gummies

Anne W. story

A patient going by the name of Anne W. was suffering from anxiety and panic attacks which, unfortunately, seemed to deteriorate with age. Ann was a young lady and was always exercising and eating right to cope with her condition. However, with all those healthy measures, things seemed not to fall in place.
In 2015, she decided to seek alternative remedies to treat her anxiety and mental health condition. Specifically, she started incorporating CBD gummies in her daily routine. Surprisingly, after a few months, Anne noticed a significant improvement in her general health.

She shared, “I have experienced a great improvement and have experienced only one panic attack since I started taking CBD Gummies. Thanks to CBD gummies; I now know what “normal” feels like. I couldn’t be more contented with my results.”

Matthew J. story 

Another patient, Matthew J was suffering from a never-ending pain (chronic). He started taking CBD Gummies to help ease his back aches due to spinal stenosis and Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD) along with mid back scoliosis.

Besides easing his pain issues, the gummies were able to help him cope with his sleeping problems. He could sleep much better thanks to less muscle stiffness and pain. He said, “I also suffer from arthritis. Actually, my body seems to host several diseases…but CBD gummies have been a blessing to me so far!”

Scientific Studies on CBD

Here are two scientific studies to demonstrate the benefits of CBD gummies.

Study 1

study in 2017, aimed to investigate whether consuming CBD affects the occurrence of pain in any way. From time in immemorial, cannabis has been recognized as a potential remedy for various kinds of pains, so this research was practically a measure of proof. Well, the study results were very promising, as CBD seemed to ease the pain in the wounded subjects successfully.

The scientists concluded that taking CBD can help in alleviating the different variations of pain and can also have a significant effect on the perception of pain.

Study 2

Another study conducted in 2015 focused on CBD as a remedy for anxiety and depression. It is good to understand that, for many years, the use of CBD has attracted major interest in managing various neurological and psychiatric disorders.

Basically, the main aim of the research was to investigate the effects of CBD as a cure for anxiety and stress-related ailments.

The researchers came to a conclusion that, consuming CBD gummies could considerably help in treating panic, stress, anxiety, and social fatigue disorders.

What to Consider before purchasing CBD Gummies

Here are some vital factors to consider before purchasing CBD gummies:

  • Read the labels carefully

Before getting awestruck by the fantastic packaging of the CBD gummies, it is advisable to carefully go through the product label to familiarize yourself with its ingredients. What has been used to prepare the gummies matters a lot. For instance, does the gummies contain some amounts of THC?

  • Go For Clarity

To avoid any kind of disappointments, go for brands that clearly and accurately outline their manufacturing process. Alternatively, you can request for lab results to ensure the gummies you are buying are fit for human consumption.

  • CBD Concentration

CBD concentration signifies the strength of the product you are buying. Thus, you should always check the levels of CBD present in the Gummies prior to making a purchase.

  • Nice-looking packaging can be deceiving

While CBD gummies look pretty to consume, don’t get mislead by the looks and packaging. Don’t fall for their beautiful small size; they may be containing other ingredients, which may be bad for your body.

Conclusion: the recommended Dosage of CBD Gummies

It is advisable, to begin with, an initial dose of 2 gummies per day. While there is no specific rule regarding CBD gummies consumption, you shouldn’t over-indulge. That said; you may also try adjusting (increasing or decreasing) the dosage to go with your needs.

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