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infantile spasm cbd

Researchers have been working on how to harness all the health benefits marijuana can have on serious physical, mental and neurological disorders. Spasms are one such condition which can be controlled to a great extent with the help of cannabidiol or CBD. This is the safest and non-psychoactive compound found in marijuana. This is also the most natural way to help out rather than using synthetic drugs.

This is why CBD can help a great deal with the spasms which occur in children who suffer from infantile spasms, and also with people who have multiple sclerosis. Spasms are one of the main symptoms which occur with these disorders. So far the studies have only progressed towards getting positive results. The FDA has already agreed with the use of medical marijuana for these neurological disorders. Insys Therapeutics Inc. is one company which manufactures the drug on a large scale and has been received well by the general public.

West Syndrome is the other name for Infantile Spasms. Infantile spasms is a very serious form of epilepsy which only affects babies and children. Children with this neurological disorder suffer from serious impairments. This is because their body is unable to carry on normal bodily functions which are a result of uncontrollable spasms of the body.

When CBD is used for this disorder, the aim is to help the affected children have better control over their bodies, which help reduce the impact of the spasms and helps them live a significantly normal life, uninterrupted by the uncontrollable spasms. CBD gives them the ability to return to their normal functioning state at a quicker pace.

Clinical Trial

  • There are clinical trials being held at the UCLA currently, which hope to change the lives of the affected children significantly. They provide a great deal of hope to the children, as well as their family members that they can live a life as close to normal as long as they have access to CBD.
  • This trial was instigated by the fact that not all the children, in fact, most children did not respond well to the existing solutions, which were basically a concoction of multiple synthetic drugs. This puts them at the risk of being affected on a long and short-term basis. The drugs, in fact, do not do them any good. CBD is the most effective and natural way to suppress the symptoms of infantile spasms.
  • In the present times, these children who suffer from infantile spasms don’t have many options to treat their illness. The spasms control their whole life, which leaves them dependent on others for a long time to come. CBD can help change that to a large extent. CBD has the potential to control their spasms to a very large extent. Not only patients with infantile spasms would be benefited, but a myriad of disorders with spasms as a symptom can have a breakthrough. CBD truly can fix a lot of lives.
  • Among all the other compounds found in cannabis, CBD seems to most aptly fit the bill as it has a great reputation of being used for various medical purposes, with staggering results. CBD has the quality of reducing spasms, without all the unwanted side effects, unlike THC, which generates the psychoactive feeling of being high.
  • Even though THC seems effective in the case of animals as it produces anti-convulsive effects, it is best believed by researchers that CBD is the much safer option when being administered to children.
  • Insys Therapeutics Inc. produces CBD which has a 99.5% concentration of pure cannabidiol. The drug manufactured by this company has an almost identical chemical structure as compared to its natural plant counterpart. Even though the fact remains true that it is produced synthetically and under controlled conditions, the drug has no contamination and is as close to the natural component as it can get, which makes it extremely safe with no side effects.

The most challenging aspect of Infantile spasms is that it appears in the life of a child at an extremely early stage. The first symptoms of this disorder may show itself when the child is 4 to 8 months old. The child gets spasms which tend to bend the body of the infant into an arch while all the limbs of the body stiffen up. This happens due to the violent contraction of the body which can result in a lot of stress and pain as well. These spasms occur suddenly, hence they are uncontrollable and unpredictable.

This is why CBD is the best solution for children suffering from this neurological disorder. When administered, they are given a chance to live a new life, where they can gain control of their body and ultimately, their lives.

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