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When the blood supply to certain parts of your body gets interrupted, it leads to stroke. This happens because of the lack of nutrients and oxygen in the brain, which in turn causes the brain cells to die. Stroke can cause short as well as long-term disabilities in your body which poses a major threat to your routine life. However, the best thing is that it is curable and could also be prevented by taking few precautionary measures. The severity of the stroke can be managed by taking prompt action during its occurrence. The majority of stroke cases has been reported to occur after the age of 65. However, it is not a strict limit and people can end up getting a stroke even at a younger age due to their irregular lifestyle and habits. CBD oil may be a solution for your condition. Cbd Oil Manufacturer can help you get the right one for you.

Symptoms Of Stroke

Your body doesn’t get hit by a stroke with a warning sign. But it is always possible to pay attention to what your body is trying to convey you. There are some symptoms of the stroke which you must know if you want to protect yourself from this health condition.

  • Slurred Speech

Do you ever experience constant slurred speech or inability to pronounce correct words? Do you face confusion while you speak? If the answer to these question is a yes, then you must start taking a preventive measure as it is one of the most common symptoms of a stroke.

  • Blurred Vision

When your body gets deprived of the nutrients, it shows up in several manners. One of the symptoms of a stroke is double vision or lack of proper vision from one of your eye.

  • Numbness Of Certain Part of Your Body

Stroke often reduces the sensation in one part of your body. It could attack your face, arm or leg. You might experience numbness in the affected section. In order to check whether you have stroke or not, try to raise both of your arms. If one of the arms fail to remain in that position, it could be a possible indicator of a stroke.

  • Headache

If you suffer from a severe headache which is accompanied by dizzy spells and vomiting, it could be the sign of a stroke. No one is aware of your body clock in a better way than you and in such cases, you need to refer a physician for an immediate help.

Types Of Stroke

There is not a single cause which is attributed to the occurrence of the stroke. A stroke might occur due to a variety of causes. Sometimes it appears due to a blocked artery and at the other times, it might be triggered by bursting of blood vessels or disrupted blood flow to the brain. According to the causes of a stroke, it has been subdivided into three major types.

  • Ischemic Stroke

This kind of stroke is caused due to the narrowing or blockage of arteries which supply the brain with the oxygen and blood. Ischemic stroke is further subdivided into Thrombotic and Embolic stroke. In thrombotic stroke, a blood clot is formed in any one of the arteries that are responsible for supplying blood to the brain. While in Embolic stroke, blood clot gets formed in the heart.

  • Hemorrhagic Stroke

This type of stroke is triggered by the rupturing of blood vessels in the brain. High blood pressure and overuse of blood thinners are the two major causes of this stroke.

  • Transient Ischemic Stroke

It is also called as the minor stroke. It is a temporary condition which produces similar symptom as that of a stroke. It happens when the blood flow to your nervous system is interrupted by a debris or clot.

A brief into the CBD compound

Medical science has grown at a faster pace and there are many methods of curing this condition. However one of the most effective methods which are not known by many people is through the use of CBD drugs.

Before knowing about the medicinal benefits of CBD, one needs to set his mind free of the conception that CBD can only be used as a recreational drug. It is definitely known by many people as a relaxation drug, but medical science has started acknowledging its beneficial properties.

There are almost 80 different strains of the Marijuana drug and all of these strains exhibit a unique set of properties. However, the two strains which have gained the maximum attention by the medical scientists include CBD and THC.  THC is the strain of Marijuana which is known for its psychoactive properties. CBD  is known to protect the neurons from the damage and this leads to speedy neurobehavioral recovery.

The Effects of CBD on Strokes

A stroke can disrupt the normal life cycle of an individual in umpteen of ways. CBD helps such people in recovering their brain’s electrical activity. It is reported to reduce the occurrence of seizures by almost 50 percent. It forms a protective layer alongside the neuropathic pathway which avoids any instances of damage to the brain. It works as an active chemical in the marijuana which provides it with the therapeutic abilities. You might see that the market is flooded with many CBD oils which have shown miracles for the stroke patients. CBD supports the faster recovery of the patient in three basic ways, that is,

  • It improves the motor skills of the patient by increasing the blood flow throughout the body. This is because CBD directly reacts with the endocannabinoid system. This facilitates a proper communication between brain and muscles.
  • It also activates the cannabinoids receptors which are responsible for promoting neurogenesis. This helps in regeneration of the new brain cells.
  • If you are using CBD oil for the treatment, you will not build up a tolerance to it. Your body will not get adjusted to the therapeutic effect of the oil and this will save you from the addiction.

The effectiveness of the CBD treatment greatly relies on the fact that how soon after the stroke was it taken. The sooner you will take it, the better results will be rendered. Manufacturers Of Cbd Oil can help you find the one you need.

Clinical Trials

A number of researches have been conducted to study the effect of CBD on the recovery from the stroke. There are some study results which prove the efficacy of the drug in overcoming the symptoms caused due to the stroke.

  •  A meta-analysis of 1473 subjects was published in the journal of blood flor & metabolism in December 2014. This analysis studied the individuals who have suffered from a permanent or temporary ischemic stroke. The recovery of the individuals was found to be linked to the type of treatment they are undergoing. The patients who were going through cannabinoid therapy showed positive results in comparison to the other patients
  • There was a study which was conducted in 2008. In this study,piglets were given CBD after they suffered an ischemic attack. The report says that they were able to recover their brain’s electrical activity to almost 46.4 percent. The piglets who were not given the drug showed slower recovery.

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