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ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a medical condition which affects people of all ages but is most notably diagnosed in children. This disorder affects the brain development of an individual, resulting in fluctuating attention and self-control. ADHD almost never looks the same among two people. Mostly diagnosed in children when they are in grade school – through peculiar behaviors like forgotten homework and general distractedness, adult women are a growing population of ADHD nowadays. Some symptoms like mood swings or anxiety are often misdiagnosed initially but later, are found to be symptoms of ADHD in their adult lives.

Most ADHD patients use psychiatrist prescribed Strattera for concentration and Estulic for hypertension. But a lot of people prefer using CBD oil as it is more natural than prescription drugs which are synthesized in laboratories. Patients often have no clue about that their drugs are made up of and hence prefer more natural substances like Gummy CBD Oil from Proleve.

Even though the drugs have improved the lives of a lot of patients suffering from ADHD, but a lot of them have reportedly had sore kidneys because these drugs exert the kidneys while getting absorbed in the body. Constantly administering these drugs may also result in slight immunization, which means that slowly, higher doses would be required to have the same effect as before.

These side effects have coaxed patients to try new alternatives, and CBD oil is a popular choice. Patients have reported having no hurting kidneys and better results in general. The key to getting these great results rely on the accuracy of dosage for each individual. One great advantage is that it is impossible to overdose on CBD, unlike other prescription drugs.

ADHD patients should visit and the Facebook page “Clinical Trials for ADHD” to get all the information they need.

A clinical trial started on September 2014 in London used equal parts of CBD and THC for a drug “Sativex Oromucosal Spray”. A combination of THC and CBD or just CBD alone is the perfect solution for people suffering from ADHD. The only precaution people need to take is not to overdose on THC as it is still illegal in many parts of the world, although CBD is largely legal and has lesser negative side effects. If you are fan of vaping we recommend you to try this 200MG CBD Vape Cartridge Strawberry Lemonade

Below is the summary of the Cannabinoids and ADHD Medical Trial

  • The medicinal spray contained almost equal compositions of THC and CBD, which are the main constituents of Cannabis.
  • The study was conducted on the idea that “Adults with ADHD report an improvement in their symptoms when they use cannabis over their prescribed ADHD medication. Most adults prefer Cannabis over their prescribed drugs.”
  • The results of the trial are positive and in line with the study that cannabis is an effective medication for patients with ADHD.
  • 15 patients were administered to Sativex and 15 other were on placebo.
  • These were the findings of Professor Asherson.
  • People who were administered Sativex showed significant hyperactivity and impulsivity improvements.
  • In terms of inattention, affective lability, and cognitive performance, there were no significant trends.
  • Is it possible that the positive effect is from CBD and the side effects are only from THC?
  • For this reason, CBD and THC were tested separately to understand what effects these chemicals have on ADHD patients individually.
  • It is noted that cognitive performance increased and did not go down, which is an important finding.
  • Currently, a detailed report on this study is being prepared.
  • Scientists are moving in the right direction to prove that cannabis helps people with ADHD.
  • This study acts as one small step in the process of legalization of marijuana for the treatment of individuals with ADD and ADHD.

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