CBD Clinical Trials

This site was created so we can inform you on the latest clinical trials on CBD. We hope you will find here the answer you are looking for. We have a network of sites and we try to provide our users with CBD Product Reviews.

cbd sports cream

CBD Sports Cream

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CBD products with amazing benefits are soon proving a better alternative to traditional medicines. Therefore, it is not so surprising anymore when we tell you…
puffco brand

Natural Medication: Could Puffco Be the Best Brand in The Market for Medical Marijuana Use?

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Puffco, a Los Angeles, California-based vaporizer manufacturer is steadily gaining popularity in both the recreational and medical cannabis consumption scene. Puffco's vaporizers are considered by…
cbd oil dosage

CBD oil dosage – the correct CBD oil dosage for you

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Of all the natural products currently in fashion, CBD oil certainly deserves special attention. Its consumption can protect us against many health problems and also…
cbd gummies success stories

Patient Success Stories and scientific studies proving the benefits of CBD Gummies

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Many consumers and patients are using CBD gummies to manage symptoms of various health conditions. Besides that, gummies are deemed as one of most convenient…
switch cbd treatment

Why You Should Probably Consider SWITCH-ing to CBD-Based Treatment

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The cannabis plant has been called many different names and has been known for many different reasons and thanks to today's technological advancements we are…
cbd night anxiety

How You Can Effortlessly Beat Night Anxiety with CBD

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Having a good night’s rest is essential to having a great day ahead. You’d think you’d just doze off after jumping into bed and closing…
cbd gummies effects

CBD gummies effects

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Nowadays, CBD is available in various forms, one of the popular ones being CBD gummies. Gummies are becoming exceedingly popular as daily supplements especially among…
infantile spasm cbd

Infantile Spasms Clinical Trial

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Researchers have been working on how to harness all the health benefits marijuana can have on serious physical, mental and neurological disorders. Spasms are one…
cbd schizophrenia

CBD might prove helpful in Schizophrenic patients

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Schizophrenia is a chronic mental disorder. The disease takes roots in the patients at the age of 16 to 25. It is a condition where…

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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We are easy to recover from the normal ups and downs of life. But sometimes in life, such shocking events happen that a person is…

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