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CBD Clinical Trials

This site was created so we can inform you on the latest clinical trials on CBD. We hope you will find here the answer you are looking for. We have a network of sites and we try to provide our users with CBD Product Reviews.

Cannabis Defoliation

Cannabis Defoliation for High-Yield Results

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Let’s be honest here – cannabis defoliation is extremely controversial even among cannabis growers. The community just can’t decide whether defoliation is worth the risks…
CBG Oil Benefits

Everything you need to know about CBG Oil

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If you are closely following the trends in the cannabis market, you’ve probably heard of the recently re-discovered cannabinoid called CBG. First discovered by scientists…

6 Benefits of CBD for Women

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The body is a wondrous, complex, and sometimes magical physical machine. For women, the body not only supports the general activities of the day, but…

5 high-quality CBD edible products

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  CBD edibles are a delicious way of getting your daily dose of CBD, and they also provide a unique CBD experience, thanks to how…

New Austin, Texas, CBD Company Provides Nature-Based Health and Wellness

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Many people in the last few decades have not readily distinguished between the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and the CBD (cannabidiol) parts of a cannabis plant when…

What’s The Deal With Cannabis Oil?

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Cannabis oil is a booming new market lately. The term is often used interchangeably with "hemp oil," and it's often used to refer to oils…

How CBD Oil Can Help with Anxiety

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CBD oil is a powerful compound found in the cannabis plant. The term refers only to one part of the plant, which is also used…

Have a Healthy and Shiny Skin with the Help of CBD Oil

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The beauty and healthcare industry is one of the most successful ones in the United States and other Western countries. Scientific research is permanently trying…

Beyond CBD: The Little-Known Cannabinoids of the Hemp Plant

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As scientists and researchers from all around the world continue to improve our understanding of cannabis and its properties, a multi-million-dollar industry is growing behind…
KING’s Pipe Online Headshop

The Best Online Head Shops in the US

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According to research done by Wells Fargo, there were between 6000 and 7,000 vaping stores in 2014 across the US. As the consumption of cannabis…